Joloko x Koch El Mezcal Kit

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These agave spirits express and respect the identity and terroir of each of the producing regions while honouring the traditional way of making mezcal.

What's in the Box:

1. Koch El Ancestral Espadín (30ml)
2. Koch El Artesanal Espadín Pechuga (Sheep Leg) (30ml)
3. Koch El Artesanal Ensamble (30ml)
4. Fentimans Pink Grapefruit
5. GinRumMe Crystal Snifter Glass

For the Special Spirit section in GinRum.Me this year, we have Mezcal – a traditional spirit in Mexico made with oven-cooked agave. Mezcal smells of cooked maguey (and campfire!) which are large American aloe grown in the south of America and Mexico.

Read about the differences between mezcal and tequila.

In this taster kit, you will find mezcals made from 7-9 years old agave using Artesanal method from 3 different origins: Oaxaca, San Baltazar Guelavila and Sola de Vega (the latter 2 are within Oaxaca).

Ancestral method uses wood mallet for crushing and clay pot distillation only. Maguey ESPADÍN (agave Angustifolia) is the most widely planted and grown variety in Mexico for mezcal production. Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero – Alberto Vasquez. His work with clay pots is magical. Sharpness and freshness of the Espadín are beautifully presented with a velvety texture that goes along with the earthy notes.

Pechuga meaning “breast” in Spanish, is made when mezcal is redistilled with local fruits and raw chicken or any seasonal animals. Every pechuga is made traditionally according to their family recipe to celebrate family occasion – birth, marriage, and death. This pechuga is distilled with Sheep Leg. Dry mineral and tropical fruit follow with some leather and gamey notes and a smokey finish. Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero – Lucio Bautista.

Ensamble methode is a combination of two or more agave species distilled together. The idea is to create a complex mezcal by blending different varieties which have their own characteristics in term of aroma, body, flavour, and structure. Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero – Pedro Hernández. Gentle and balanced mezcal that carries subtle fruity notes of banana, light wisps of smoke, and herbs.

Jiacara is a small wooden container in the shape of a bowl, typically made from the fruit of the calabash tree used to serve hot chocolate or other hot beverages and of course, for mezcal consumption!

Though we highly recommend tasting each mezcal neat, a Mezcal Paloma with the Fentimans Grapefruit Tonic is also very tasty!

Joloko, the first mezcal and tequila centric bar in Kuala Lumpur has included their in-house mezcal hot sauce which can be used to marinate meat, used as sauce for steamed or grilled fish and meat.

About Koch El
Founded in 2009 by Carlos Moreno alongside with 5th generation Maestro Mezcalero Pedro Hernandez, Koch El Mezcal (Koch) is a pioneer of the single-agave mezcal. Koch is committed to the environment by only using 100 percent sustainable practices, protecting/maintaining the agave population in Mexico, and cultivating the traditions of Oaxaca and its people. The Koch portfolio includes 25 products, made from wild, cultivated and semi-cultivated agaves. The products express and respect the identity/terroir of each of the producing regions while honouring the traditional way of making mezcal. Koch products are 100 percent hand-made, providing individuals from over 13 local communities and 59 Palenques with fair wages and the opportunity to have a better life.


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